Network Infrastructure & Services

Connecting our client's businesses are what we do best. With proper engagement and implementation, we can help you find the optimised methods to install and configure your network infrastructure at reduced costs and high efficiency.


The network basics - to share data and equipment

An effective organisation is the one that knows the ins and outs of its operations regardless of how big or small the organisation is. The challenge for a good business operation is when the organisation grows into a bigger entity. Data and equipment sharing are an integral part for most organisations to achieve their business objectives. By having decentralised data and equipment increases the cost for owning a new equipment and also cost for project delays.

The security of the network accesses

It is good to centralise the organisations' data and equipment for work efficiency but there are times for security issues regarding to position ranks and public access, a good network security is to be implemented effectively. Modules such as customised login, audit trails, bio-metric accesses and others are what we can offer.

Enhanced technology and infrastructure

With newer technologies being introduced to the public market, it is vital for us to also propose the best method to incorporate the newer technologies into your organisation so that you as a user can benefit the newer technologies. We have the specialists to help you identify and assess what you need and help integrate the technologies into your current implementation.


1. Access Control

We use high end cabling systems and modules to help you as an organisation be more efficient in handling access controls to your data and equipment sharing. These accesses can be controlled via hardware and software modules. Our system support offices that you have not just in one single location, but also to other states, and even different countries.

2. Audit Trails

The system comes with a built-in reporting modules which can customised further according to your needs. The importance of having a good audit trail system is to identify past activities and create action plans based on the reports extracted from the system that we provide.

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