Building Security & Automation System

Security & Automation for Buildings are an integral part of a smart building and smart city. The main objective is to mainly detect unauthorised persons entering our premises. The system is designed so that when the premises detect unauthorised activities, the alarm or any other specified actions will be triggered automatically and alert the security personnels and/or the owner to be on their way.


To create a holistic work or home environment

The platform is designed to ensure that all systems work together intelligently as a whole. If you are to manage a number of buildings in scattered locations, with our solution you will be able to do that. By having a properly installed and configured Building Security & Automation System, the building owners will be able to intelligently master every situation on a daily basis based on the inputs given by the buildings that he or she monitors. This in turn will make the building owners make the building occupants feel that they are taken care in terms of physical security threat elements and creates a good work environment where everyone feels comfortable.

Maximum security for people and assets

The security of buildings is one of the key challenges of the 21st century building owners. With the solutions that we provide to our clients, the platform offers maximum security to all building occupants.

Detect adverse events before they happen

Occurrences like fire, for example can be limited by identifying the potential damage that will happen by analysing source of fire via smoke detectors and IP cameras. With proper ventilation system installed, the system can be adjusted to prevent the smoke from spreading. The system then can activate the escape-route and communicate via access control systems. All these features can be implemented and help building occupants, both people and assets can be saved.


1. Access Control

This module focuses on the physical access aspects of the Building Security & Automation System. Our solution includes security access modules that you can add-on from our packages. Suitable for door access, lift access, car parking access and other external to internal accesses that you want to monitor, high-end visitor management system, remote access capabilities via intranet or internet, new generation bio-metric systems, locator, reporting module, recyclable visitor cards, support for MyKAD and many more.

2. Alarm Installation

We use PoE (Power over Ethernet) to help clients save the installation and implementation cost, thus the IP alarm is used to complement the solution that we provide to our clients. We can help customise the number of IP alarms to be used in order to optimise the efficiency of the building operation.

3. Automation System

Building Automation generally makes the building smarter. By having a proper automation system in place, routine tasks are automated accordingly, tasks are triggered based on event detection and so on. The main objective is to have the building security personnel to focus on much more effective areas while the automation system is doing the tasks.

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