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Today, Telecommunications Network Operators are faced with the challenge to rapidly and cost-effectively provide an expanding array of new services to their customers, while maintaining the integrity of their networks.

This is becoming a competitive edge because it will determine the time-to-market for new services. The key issue is to optimize the business in a combination of mastering customer satisfaction, reduction of the cost and fast provision of new services.

The followings are the industries that we have worked with and currently working side-by-side:


We help these clients providing physical cabling solutions for the telecommunication infrastructure. We were and are still involved as one of the cabling provider to our clients. Types of cables that we supply are of fibre optics and coppers. We have the capabilities to supply, install, repair and maintain the cabling systems.

Government & GLC

We participated in various IT projects via various tender and quotation exercises. We managed to secure deals in IT infrastructure and equipment supplies, installation works, configuration works, maintenance works and end-user training works.


We participated in one of their tender exercise, and we managed to secure the deal of supplying some IT equipment for their use in their headquarter and branches. We provided the supply, installation and testing of the units.


We help these clients providing physical access security solutions with the objective to have a good automated solutions to monitor, log and maintain the daily tasks of the property managers.


We act as providers for wear-and-tear medical tools for use in the medical centres and hospitals. We also provide IT equipment supplies for use in their administrator's office.


We talked directly to the end-users and managed to secure some deals to provide supplies, deliveries, installations and training for the end-users. The equipment that we supplied are for use by the administrator's office and the computer labs.

Our Market Exposure


Today's Information Technology (IT) industry is rooted in technological, regulatory and economic changes. Very much aware of this, we give every consideration to projects that generate the greatest benefits like improving telecommunications, creating job opportunities and facilitating technology transfer. Every effort is made to bring together a dedicated and professional team of personnel ready to serve the nation and Malaysian to achieve a better quality of life.

Agencies & GLCs
Private Sector
Government Sector
Education Sector

Source: 2015 Sales Record



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We are always on the lookout for good team members who can build good relation with our clients and make money with a team of IT experts.


We want those who are willing to give full technical support to our sales and marketing team. As we grow, you will also grow.

Testimonial & Clients


Here are some of the testimonials that we can share for public viewing:

  • I encourage other clients to see what Granity Resources has to offer. The security solutions that I took from them is undoubtedly not giving me any problems. The team does everything they can to ensure us as the client to know how to self-manage the solution.

    Cameron Lee / Marketing Fun Company

  • This team is excellent in providing good service to us. The efficiency and commitment shown by the team is remarkable. I strongly recommend other corporations to look into them sourcing for good deliverables.

    Ali Baba / CEO Company X

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Services + Tabs & Skills


We have been around in the IT arena scene for quite a while now, and we have develop a unique process that suits our clients' needs. We always do our best to comply with all the regulations needed to ensure that the solutions we deliver meet our clients' needs.

Our Specialty

Solutions we provide mostly

Supplies, Installation & Integration
Asset Rental & Maintenance
Physical & Network Security
Admin & End User Training

Industry that we work with

The various telecommunication equipment that we supply completes the necessary infrastructure for telecommunication companies to do their job serving the public. We as back-end providers ensure that all the equipment that we supply come with proper configuration and maintenance so that the clients will have less worries when using the equipment that we supply.

Lately, property developers and property managers have been finding ways to enhance their physical security access and management in terms of security. We have the right products that most property managers are looking for. The system that we provide enhances the way how building and property managers automate and log their daily tasks.

We work closely with consultants from various industries. From education, financial services providers, business consultants, event coordinators, travel and tours firms, legal firms and many more. Each solution that we provide are carefully assessed and implemented at the very expectation of each our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Fact Box

Registration Name: Granity Resources Sdn Bhd

Date of incorporated: 31st. July 2008

Capital: RM 500,000.00

Percentage of Staffs: 100% Bumiputera

Our Business Objective

To build long-term relationship with our clients

To enhance clients' competitiveness in an open market.

To increase clients' profitability and efficiency.

To provide reliable support and services.

To provide stable career opportunities.

Our Mission

To provide a comprehensive value-added solutions to our clients.

To be a highly capable and prominent Bumiputera SI company.

To provide excellent consultancy services.

To make technology know how cheaper and available locally.

To increase Bumiputera involvement in high technology industries

To set standards in IT and be a part of joint computerisation effort nationwide.